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Dr Gaye Super-Spoonful

  • A mix of metabolism-boosting ingredients, full of vitamins and nutrients which can be sprinkled onto anything from desserts to porridge, even straight into the palm of your hand as a healthy snack!This delicious combination can be eaten as a power snack, any time of day. 20 Servings

Product Description

Dr Gaye Super-Spoonful is a healthy snack that can be sprinkled onto just about anything. It’s crunchy and chewy, zingy and earthy, so goes well with desserts, fruits and other health foods. It’s not a powder, so it can also be simply eaten straight out of the bag for an instant boost! We’ve noticed that so many healthy snacks are roasted, over-baked, processed or high in sugars and fructose despite their ‘healthy’ image and we wanted something which was a game-changer, something which offered interesting textures, unusual flavours and also incredible health benefits. This uber, power-snack is perfect as a nutritional enhancement when sprinkled onto your favourite healthy foods. When Dr Gaye Super-Spoonful is added to food, the mineral, vitamin, protein and micro-nutrient value increases. Eaten alone, the ingredients combine to make a stimulating and energising pre or post-workout healthy snack, akin to high calibre sports nutrition. This healthy snack also helps to heighten concentration – useful on long days or if you have a very boring meeting/lecture/talk/date to attend*. The versatility of this product makes it great as something which can be eaten just as it is or on-the go. We’ve created this gluten free, sugar-free, vegan, 100% raw and protein-dense healthy snack so that you get all of the goodness - instantly. The bio-availability of the ingredients means that all the naturally occurring perfection in each mouthful is used by your body without much effort at all. When ingredients are derived from all raw food sources, the health benefits are outstanding. We love the fact that Dr Gaye Super-Spoonful can be used when travelling, on the go, used in recipes and sprinkled onto all kinds of healthy foods from fruit salads to cheesecake. Take a few portions of this healthy snack wherever you go, and you'll never be without a high-powered source of nutrition. Include this in your daily diet and you are likely to experience more vitality, less sugar cravings, happier thoughts and energy. * (NB: We can’t promise that this product will sort out your life)


Mulberries: Incan berries: Sprouted Buckwheat: Apricot Kernels: Cacao nibs: Coconut Chips: Pumpkin Seeds: Sunflower Seeds:

Nutrition Information

Per 20g Serving Kcal: 66.8 Kcal KJ: 307 KJ Dietary Fibre: 2.33g Fat: of which saturates: 5.24 1.88g Salt: 0.4g Carbohydrate: of which sugar: 5.09g 1.77g Protein: 2.4g


Dr Gaye’s Super-Spoonful can be eaten any way you like! Sprinkle this healthy snack on to your favourite breakfast cereal, fruit salad or dessert for a crunchy, flavourful, nutritious boost. You can also eat our Super-Spoonful straight out of the bag.

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