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Dr Stuarts Peppermint Tea - 15 Teabags

  • A refreshing tea containing pure peppermint leaves.


Product Description

  • This refreshing tea contains just pure peppermint leaves to bring you more than twice the peppermint oil than any other tea, to help digest even the most indulgent meal!


Pure peppermint leaves


Dr Stuart creates his extraordinarily good teas using herbs of only the highest quality medicinal grade, from the most prized part of the plant, offering:

• The highest essential oil content possible in a packaged tea

• The most aromatic, flavourful and beneficial tea possible

While other tea-blenders are happy to use herbs grown solely for food Dr Stuart goes the extra mile to bring the best possible tea to your pot.


A man of enormous creative energy, he was one of the first highly qualified scientists in recent times to widely support and promote the many beneficial values of the plant kingdom.

His worldwide contributions to the subject of ‘herbs’ have led to him being described as ‘the Father of Modern Herbalism’.

His conversion from pure science occurred after observing first hand the traditional role of plants in rural medicine, whilst a University lecturer in Central Africa, and led to an outstanding clinical, literary and consultative career in which he consistently promoted the essential value of quality in plant products.

Dr Stuart’s wealth of experience and knowledge helped awaken a generation’s interest in herbalism, and created numerous high quality products in the food, medicinal and health sectors, as well as encouraging a resurgence in the cultivation of organically grown plants.

Dr Malcolm Stuart is also heavily involved in formulating organic teas for the Duchy of Cornwall.

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5 out of 5
By Peppermint tea drinker | Posted on: 06/07/2012

Dr Stuart's Peppermint tea

If you're looking for a subtle but delicious blend of Peppermint tea, look no further than Dr Stuart's. Difficult to purchase in the shops but always available from Auravita with delivery only taking a couple of days, I highly recommend you try this product as its one of the best on the market that I have tried (and I have tried some rotten ones!!)

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