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  • Dr Gaye Super-Blend is the fastest, most convenient way to get your daily quota of minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients in a food-grade bio-available source. With 14 raw ingredients and less than 40 calories per serving, this is the most effective protein shake powder which can be stirred into anything.This product has 40 servings.

Product Description

Dr Gaye Super-Blend can be added to a meal, a snack or a drink and because it can be used like a protein shake powder it can be stirred into most things from yogurt to almond milk to juice, you can make it how you like it! When time is short and the snacks on offer are full of some questionable goodness - you need food-grade micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It’s time to re-think snacks, energy boosts, supplements and nutrient values. We need high bio-available nutrition which keeps us functioning to our optimum potential, with a good dose of protein and nothing to make us tired and sluggish. When ingredients are derived from all raw food sources, the health benefits are outstanding. Dr Gaye Super-Blend aims to provide your body with a massive dose of goodness, from the cellular level to the tip of your taste buds, better than any other protein shake powder. We didn’t add roasted nuts or sweetened, oven-baked things; in fact we didn’t use anything which is cooked or highly processed…it’s all raw, vegan and grain-free. These extra processes (which can often sound wholesome) change the availability of the vitamins, how readily you absorb any goodness in the food itself and some of the ingredients are actually de-natured and bad for you. In fact, sometimes the added minerals and supposed benefits make your body work so hard, that the benefits never actually happen and your body is stressed, creating acidity and lowered immunity. We love the fact that Dr Gaye Super-Blend can be used when travelling or on the go. It can be eaten or drunk (depending on what you add it to) and takes seconds to prepare. Take a few portions of this protein shake powder wherever you go, and you'll never be without a high-powered source of nutrition. With 14 organic, raw ingredients which are bursting with bio-available nutrients, you can get an instant boost of health. A serving is gluten free, sugar-free, vegan, raw and protein-dense. With so many naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients, when combined with other meals of fresh food, it has even greater effects on the mind and the body and re-balances the system. Include this in your daily diet and you are likely to experience vitality, clearer skin, less mood swings, happier thoughts and less sugar cravings.


Sprouted Buckwheat: Ground Almonds: Coconut Flour: Milled Flaxseed: Banana powder: Maca: Lucuma: Cacao: Seagreens®: Mesquite: Reishi Mushroom Powder: Boabab: Moringa: Hulled Hemp Seeds:

Nutrition Information

Per 10g Serving Kcal: 38.1 Kcal KJ: 159 KJ Dietary Fibre: 2.49g Fat: of which saturates: 1.43g 0.29g Salt: 0.008g Carbohydrate: of which sugar: 5.73g 1.26g Protein: 1.83g


1. Sprinkle 10g (approx. 1 heaped tablespoons) of Dr Gaye Super-Blend protein shake powder over your Breakfast, Lunch or dinner 2. Stir in, eat and enjoy the benefits!

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