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Dragonfly Tea Indian Spice Chai Organic Black Tea - 20 Teabags

  • Lively and aromatic, with warming Indian spice notes.
  • Dragonfly Tea Indian Spice Chai Organic Black Tea


Product Description

  • From Rajasthan to Goa, most households have their own particular way of making the aromatic brew
  • According to the Indian system of health and philosophy known as ayurveda (‘science of a long life’ in Sanskrit), these spices can help with digestion
  • This blend is inspired by some of the most delicious recipes, balancing sumptuous spices with fine black tea.

    Delicious with: The spices in this tea go particularly well with fruit-based cakes such as banana bread, Dundee cake and carrot cake.
    Indian chai combines rich black tea with spices, often using an abundance of black pepper
  • The result is a tea with an exotic aroma and a delicious flavour that is refreshing to drink
  • Depending on taste, more expensive spices such as cardamom are used with less pepper.

    Our mild Organic Dragonfly Traditional Indian Chai is blended specially with the European palate in mind with subtler, gentle (and expensive) spices such as cinnamon and cardamom.

    A special blend of fine black teas is combined with organic spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and a touch of black pepper
  • Spiced chai is the traditional way of drinking tea in India
  • They are also said to have properties which help refresh the body and mind, bringing balance to the whole being.


Organically grown black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, fennel, black pepper and cassia oil


Use freshly boiled water, infuse for 2-4mins. Enjoy with or without milk and sugar


At Dragonfly Teas we consider that the way crops are grown is intrinsic to the well-being of everyone.

Working with nature to achieve the best quality with little or no chemicals involved is in our view, the way things should be.
The demands of the modern world for more; faster; better has resulted in short term exploitation of the land and the people who work it, with no thought for the future.
So we prefer to do things differently.

We believe that it is important to respect the relationship to the land of those who patiently grow our food (often under great hardship).

We are aware of the difference that the ancient country artisan traditions of food–making can make. Traditions that are thankfully still used today to create high quality teas and other foods, such as fine wines and local cheeses.

There are reputedly up to 8,000 different hand-made teas in China. They are part of a 1,500-year-old tradition. These are disappearing rapidly through mechanical and chemical intervention. The world has plenty of poor quality teas with very few of high quality on offer. This is because of lack of consumer awareness of the rich heritage of taste experiences produced by the smaller artisan tea-makers.
Dragonfly Teas is pledged to bring these teas to the discerning palate and in so doing, help to keep alive the traditions and skills that have created them.

We believe strongly in the ideals of the Slow Food movement, which is growing fast throughout Europe. We think it is important that every country has a dynamic small-scale agricultural food production sector. It ensures that rural people are rewarded for their efforts and helps to stop the depopulation of the countryside.

We also support non-political Fair Trade that campaigns to ensure we pay fairly and as directly as possible to the farmers with as few intermediaries as possible. This means that more of the profits end up directly in the hands of the communities that grow the crops.

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