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Dual PepperBall Grinder - Black - Chef'n

Dual PepperBall Black made by Chef'n:
  • Two grinders in one with the new Dual PepperBall design
  • Twist the handles to select either salt or pepper
  • Chef’n created the product in black
  • Twist off base to refill
  • The Dual Grinder has an easily adjustable mechanism


Product Description

Why use two grinders when you only need one? Say hello to the future of seasoning, the Dual PepperBall A 2-in-1 salt and pepper grinder designed to look like the ever-popular PepperBall. Twist the handles to select either salt (S) or pepper (P). Twist off base to refill. Easily adjustable grind mechanism. Filled with fresh sea salt and peppercorns


Hints for best use: When refilling, be sure no peppercorns or salt kernels are caught on the plunger. This can affect the function of the pivot arm. When replacing the lid/handles, do not squeeze the handles together. Keep handles apart to ensure plunger is not triggered while screwing on the lid/handles. After refilling, screw the lid/handles until a slight “click” indicates when the lid/handles are securely in place and ready for use.


About Chef’n
There’s something you should know about us. We can’t stand the status quo—especially when the status quo stinks. That was literally true back in 1982, when you had two options for getting garlic into your meal: chop up a fresh clove and have your hands smell for the rest of the day, or settle for a couple of thin, dry flakes tapped out of a plastic container. For our founder, CEO, and Famous Inventor David Holcomb, there really was no option. He had to do better, and he knew he could.

Fast forward a few decades and David’s first creation, the Garlic Machine, has become Chef’n. We’re a growing Seattle-based company with more than 250 product patents worldwide and a single mission. We want to make better tools so you can make better food. It’s what drives our in-house design team to reinvent the utensils and gadgets that most of us take for granted while we’re cooking and cleaning. It’s what attracts the terrific, talented people we’ve welcomed into our Chef’n family. And it’s what compels us to tell everyone we meet about the innovation Chef’n products can bring to their kitchens.

About Brand

Chef'n is an innovation leader in the housewares industry and prides itself on consistently creating fun, outside-the-box kitchen tools and gadgets.

Their mission is to make better tools so you can make better food. Give them a try and see if you ever go back to your old tools again. Their bet is you won't.


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Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016
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