DURA10451 Duracell

Duracell 45 Minute Battery Charger CEF27

  • Duracell 45 Minute Battery Charger CEF27.
  • 'Fast and compact charger for NiMH Batteries.
  • It can charge AA and AAA batteries.
  • There are two Charging Channel: 2 or 4 battery charging in combined slots
  • Moder and sleek design
  • Modern Design.

Product Description

  • 2 AA Ready in 45 minutes.* Modern and Sleek design.
  • Two Charging Channel: 2 or 4 battery charging in combined slots (labeled) Fold to Close For Ultra
  • Compact Design
  • 'International Charge Capability- device can be used worldwide with suitable converter plug
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • *Approx. 85% of full charge, when using Duracell AA1300 mAh NiMH Batteries.
  • **Please note that Duracell cannot guarantee the quality, safety, or performance of other battery brands used in our chargers.


Size: 9 x 5 x 3.5 cm Weight: 109 g Plug: Plug Matches Local Requirements Battery Type/Fit: NiMH: 2 or 4 AA/HR6, 2 or 4 AAA/HR03 Typical Weight: 108 g Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz Output: AA battery x2: Min 1550 mA AA battery x4: Min 775 mA AAA battery x2: Min 388 mA AAA battery x4: Min 775 mA Operating Temp: 0°C – 35°C (32°F - 95°F) Microprocessor Controlled • Charge Termination based on -dV/dt, temperature, and/or built in timer • Primary battery protection- will not charge non-rechargeable batteries • Over-temperature shut off- prevents overheat of battery • Over-charge protection- prevents battery damage • Low voltage battery protection- prevents overheat and damage to battery • Power Protection Circuit- resets whenever battery is removed or power is interrupted

About Brand

The story of Duracell began in the early 1920's with an inventive scientist by the name of Samuel Ruben and Philip Rogers Mallory, a manufacturer of tungsten filament wire. Ruben came to the P.R. Mallory Company looking for a piece of equipment he needed for an experiment. Together Ruben and Mallory saw an opportunity: uniting Ruben's inventive genius with the company's manufacturing muscle. Their partnership, which would last until Mallory's death in 1975, was the bedrock of Duracell International. Over this period Ruben's inventions revolutionised battery technology. During World War II, for instance, he devised the mercury cell, which packed more capacity in less space. It was also durable enough to withstand the harsh climates of wartime theatres like North Africa and the South Pacific. Ordinary zinc carbon batteries used in flashlights, mine detectors, and walkie-talkies couldn't. Because of this technological superiority, Mallory produced millions of mercury cells for the war effort. The Mallory Battery Company was formed shortly thereafter. In the 1950s, Samuel Ruben went on to improve the alkaline manganese battery, making it more compact, durable, and longer lasting than anything before it. This was around the same time that Eastman Kodak introduced cameras. The built-in flash units required more power than zinc carbon cells could provide. They also needed smaller batteries. Mallory therefore developed alkaline manganese cells in a new size – the AAA. The technology was also licensed to others because the company, at that time, had no consumer distribution. The growing demand for photographic power put alkaline cells on the map – and in 1964 the DURACELL brand was born. Soon, the consumer market for DURACELL batteries rocketed and supplies had to be rationed in the 1970s as manufacturing capacity caught up. Duracell Professional is the business-to-business division of Duracell. We're dedicated to servicing business and professional customers across Europe, providing specialist sales support from offices in 10 different countries.


Two Charging Channel • 2 or 4 battery charging in combined slots (labeled) Bi- Color Charging Status LED Indicator • Red = Charging • Green = Complete • Flashing Red = Error/Abnormal battery or abnormal temperature Fold to Close For Ultra Compact Design International Charge Capability- device can be used worldwide with suitable converter plug

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