WLDI10002 Dynamint

Dynamint Muscle Cream / Balm - 237ml

  • Essential Oils of Calendula, Peppermint, Teatree and Eucalpytus blended in a gentle aqueous base, made using the Glacier fresh waters from the Cascade Mountains in British Columbia
  • Dynamint Muscle Cream / Balm
  • Deeply Penetrating, with a Cool-Warm sensation
  • Perfect for Deep tissue, Remedial sports massage, or just when you need soothing and relaxing warmth.
  • Breath takingly fresh


Product Description

  • Deeply Penetrating, with a Cool-Warm sensation
  • Breath takingly fresh
  • to ease you into the most soothing sleep
  • Dynamint is not greasy and does not leave behind any sticky or unpleasant residues
  • There's never been a massage balm like Dynamint
  • Eucalyptus (Eucalypti aetheroleum)
    Rubefactant and skin conditioner, natural astringent
  • High penetration - perfect for deep tissue penetration
  • Mood and skin invigorator and penetrant
  • Applying Oil of peppermint on your skin, your largest sensory organ, is very invigorating
  • Pleasant in use
  • Dynamint is regarded by many leading sportsmen to be the deepest and fastest balm
  • Vanishing scent
  • All Natural Actives
  • Dynamint Features:
  • Refreshing smell
  • Non-greasy
  • Perfect for Deep tissue, Remedial sports massage, or just when you need soothing and relaxing warmth
  • Capable of penetrating into the lower skin areas
  • Teatree (Melaleuca alternifoli)
    Skin conditioner, soothing and disinfecting
  • Psycho-Emotional and Physical Benefits
    Dynamint is a blend of Calendula aka Marigold (Calendula officinalis) and three natural essential oils, blended as a true oil in water emulsion
  • Cool - warm sensation
  • Dynamint has a refreshing smell that in our own survey spouses and family found more pleasant and relaxing than any of the competition
  • Non-stain
  • Dynamint muscle rub is enjoying tremendous acceptance amongst the professional sporting community and is especially useful where there has been over exertion due to competitive sports activity
  • Peppermint (Mentha Piperata)
    Increases circulation and generates heat
  • Rapid action & Quick 'Kick-in'
  • Peace of mind
  • This is because Dynamint is specially formulated, on a state of the art substrate, to provide rapid penetration of the epidermis via the process of osmosis
  • Aqueous base

    Benefits You Will Feel:
  • It's special formulation gives Dynamint its unique penetrative performance and allows it to get to work almost instantaneously and provide longer effect
  • Non-balling


Dynamint should not be used during pregnancy.
External use only. Not to be applied to broken skin.
Keep out of reach of children.


Gently massage a generous amount to effected area, or use as a light application balm, simply applying Dynamint to the skin and allowing balm to soak into tissue.

Use anywhere you feel sore. A gentle application of Dynamint around the temple area is very invigorating.

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4 out of 5
By Fenwickus | Posted on: 14/05/2012

Revitalising muscle balm

Its the best muscle balm I've used to date. It's easy to apply and absorbs into the skin, smells and feels good and is not greasy. It doesn't stain the clothing and it does what it claims on the label - it relieves muscle aches and strains. What's not so great is that the bottles have started to get smaller than the first 6 or so i bought last year and the price has gone up!


Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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