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Dyson Dc07 Replacement Hose - Lavender and Grey

Product Description

  • This is a replacement hose and not a geniune Dyson part, we do sell those, search for the Original Part Number.

    OPN: 904125-51

    To Fit:
    DC07 All Floors UK (Silver/Turquoise) 04465-01, DC07 All Floors UK (Steel/Turquoise) 06318-01, DC07 Allergy UK (Blue/Turquoise/Silver) 04480-01, DC07 Allergy UK (Blue/Turquoise/Steel) 06320-01, DC07 Allergy UK (Purple/Lime/Silver) 04479-01, DC07 Allergy UK (Purple/Lime/Steel) 06319-01, DC07 Animal UK (Steel/Lavender) 05366-01, DC07 CLIC UK (Pink/Fuschia/Lavender) 07149-01, DC07 Full Gear (Currys Exclusive) UK (Steel/Scarlet) 06615-01, DC07 Full Kit (Comet Exclusive) UK (Purple/Lavender/Steel) 06613-01, DC07 HEPA (Clutchless) UK (Dark Steel/White) 10012-01, DC07 Low Reach UK (Purple/Scarlet/Silver) 04481-01, DC07 Low Reach UK (Purple/Scarlet/Steel) 06321-01, DC07 Origin UK (Dark Steel/Yellow) 10011-01, DC07 Precision (Argos Exclusive) (Clutchless) UK (Light Steel/Dark Steel/Black) 12343-01, DC07 Standard (Clutchless) UK (Silver/Yellow) 04569-01, DC07 Standard (Clutchless) UK (Steel/Yellow) 06317-01, DC07 Tool Kit MO Exclusive (Clutchless) UK (Steel/Turquoise) 10513-01, DC07i (Clutched) UK (Dark Steel/Steel/Scarlet) 11586-01

    Older Referance Numbers;

    904125-14, 904125-15, 904125-16, 904125-17, 904125-19, 904125-20, 904125-28, 904125-31, 904125-30, 904125-32.
  • Hose to fit a Dyson Dc07

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By Tomcz | Posted on: 14/10/2015

Very Good Product.

Very good product, quality and price right. Straight forward replacement of the old hose.