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Dyson Groom Tool - 921001-01


Product Description

  • The vacuum directly removes your dog's loose hair before it's shed around the home
  • Dyson Groom Tool - 921001-01

    Alternate Part Number: 921000-01
    The Dyson Dog groom tool is a perfect vacuum cleaner attachment suitable for mess free vacuum assisted dog grooming

  • The 364 slicker bristles angled at 35 enables the tool to remove loose hair effectively

  • The slicker bristles can be extend or withdraw through an adjusting thumb pressure.
    Suitable for long and medium haired dogcan be used with most Dyson upright and cylinder vacuums.

    Used in
    DC22 Accessories & Consumables
    DC23 Accessories & Consumables
    DC23 T2 Accessories & consumables
    DC25 Accessories & Consumables
    DC26 City Accessories & Consumables
    DC27 Accessories & Consumables
    DC33 Accessories & consumables
    DC38 Accessories & Consumables
    DC39 Accessories & Consumables
    DC40 Accessories & Consumables
    DC41 Accessories & Consumables
    DC47 Accessories & Consumables
    DC50 Accessories & Consumables

  • The thumb trigger releases full suction to suck captured hair into the vacuum

  • Through its split suction system the cleaner releases enough suction to capture loose hair and dead cells of the dog without sticking to the dog's coat

  • After applying a certain pressure the bristles flex to clean up the entire coat

  • Spring-loaded trigger can be used to control the bristle length

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