KSPL11473 Dyson

Dyson Iron Combination Tool Assembly - 914361-01


Product Description

  • Dyson Iron Combination Tool Assembly - 914361-01

    Alternate Part Number: 914361-02, 914361-05, 912155-02

    Used in
    DC16 Cyclone & Bin Assembly
    DC16 (with motorised brushbar) Cyclone & Bin Assembly
    DC24 Wand & Hose Assembly
    DC30 Cyclone & Bin Assembly
    DC31 Cyclone & Bin Assembly
    DC34 Cyclone & Bin Assembly
    DC35 Cyclone & Bin Assembly
    DC44 DC44 Cyclone & Bin Assy
    DC56 Cyclone & Bin Assy
    DC58/DC61 Cyclone & Bin Assy
    DC59/DC62 Cyclone & Bin Assy

    Fit in Models;
    DC16 Animal UK (Iron/Bronze) 13229-01
    DC16 Car and Boat UK (Iron/Satin Blue) 16922-01
    DC16 Issey Miyake + Dyson UK (Iron/Metallic Pink) 14958-01
    DC16 UK (Iron/Yellow) 12156-06
    DC24 Animal MO UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Royal Purple) 21574-01
    DC24 Animal UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Royal Purple) 20499-01
    DC24 Blitz It UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Metallic Red) 19693-01
    DC24 i UK (Iron/Satin Blue) 17441-01
    DC24 Multi Floor Complete UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Royal Yellow) 23549-01
    DC24 Multi Floor Exclusive UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Blue) 23550-01
    DC24 Multi Floor UK (Iron/Silver/Satin Yellow) 14551-01
    DC30 UK (Iron/Moulded White) 23752-01
    DC30 UK (Iron/Yellow) 16493-01
    DC31 Animal Exclusive UK (Iron/Satin Silver) 21113-01
    DC31 Animal UK (Iron/Satin Purple) 16492-01
    DC31 UK (Iron/Satin Blue) 16491-01
    DC34 Animal Exclusive UK (Iron/Platinum) 22708-01
    DC34 Animal UK (Iron/Satin Royal Purple) 21491-01
    DC34 Complete UK (Iron/Satin Yellow) 201543-01
    DC34 UK (Iron/Satin Yellow) 21490-01
    DC35 Animal UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Fuchsia) 24278-01
    DC35 Complete UK (Iron/Satin Blue) 201548-01
    DC35 Digital Slim UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Blue) 20133-01
    DC44 Animal Complete UK (Iron/Nickel/Blue) 201549-01
    DC44 Animal UK (Iron/Nickel/Blue) 23979-01
    DC56 UK (Moulded White/Satin Silver/Natural/Blue) 64976-01
    DC58 Animal Complete UK (Iron/Satin Nickel & Red/Purple) 204843-01
    DC58 Animal UK (Iron/Satin Nickel & Red/Purple) 64956-01
    DC59 Animal Complete UK (Iron/Satin Nickel & Red/Purple) 204841-01
    DC59 Animal UK (Iron/Satin Nickel & Red/Purple) 64955-01

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