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Dyson Party Clean up Kit - 910480-02

Product Description

  • The stubborn dirt brush has bristles to agitate and loosen dried-in and stubborn dirt, while the soft dusting brush is designed to help you clean flat surfaces such as tables, benches and shelves
  • The Party Clean-up Kit contains three Dyson accessories for a post-party clean-up
  • It’s a fundamental part of the job.
    Every Dyson vacuum has a range of tools designed for it; each one optimised to remove dirt, wherever it is.
  • The Dysolv Spot Cleaner is useful for cleaning spots and spills such as grease, food, drinks and soil on carpets and rugs
  • A poorly-designed tool can waste suction, fail to pick up dust and dirt and cause overall performance of the machine to drop
  • Dyson engineers put as much thought into developing Dyson tools as they do Dyson vacuums

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