ENVR10009 E-Cloth

E-Cloth Granite Pack - Set of 2

  • Granite Pack.
  • This pack contains two cloths to clean all types of granite.
  • Sparkling finish. Ideal for any granite surface around the home.
  • This cloth will remove dirt, grease and bacteria.
  • 1 X Granite Cloth, 1 X Polishing Cloth

Product Description

Granite Cloth Ideal for any granite surface around the home. This cloth will remove dirt, grease and bacteria. One side of the cloth ribbed (non-abrasive) to quickly and easily remove tougher dirt and grease. The other side has a smoother absorbent texture to clean away any remaining grease and bacteria. Perfect when used in combination with the Glass & Polishing Cloth, which gives a sparkling, streak-free finish to all hob and oven surfaces. Glass & Polishing Cloth The Glass & Polishing cloth is exceptional on shiny surfaces and will leave your granite sparkling and completely smear-free. It will easily outperform specialist liquid cleaners on these surfaces. The cloth has a different fibre construction and a different weave to the Granite Cloth. This reduces overall absorbency and makes it less effective on heavy dirt. However, it increases the speed at which moisture is absorbed and its performance on light grease and dirt is excellent. This is what enables it to leave surfaces so shiny. 40 x 50cm


Use the Granite Cloth’s non-abrasive ribbed side’s power to effortlessly remove thick grease, grime and bacteria from granite work surfaces. Use the smooth side, (similar to our premium General Purpose Cloth) to remove any remaining grease and bacteria. All with just water.


Using the last technology and based on the principles of the E-cloth® Cleaning System, we have developed a new range of body products including exfoliating and make-up removing pads, a hair turban and super-absorbent towels. These products are made using innovative technology which results in super-absorbent towels which have a luxury feel and contemporary look. In addition, the exfoliating pads are gentle on the skin whilst also being able to remove make-up including mascara with just water – no need for harsh cleansers or cotton wool. Each fibre is approximately 100 times finer than a human hair which ensures fast and prolonged absorption - approximately 3-4 times more - compared to traditional cotton towels. They are thinner and lighter than other towels making them ideal for use when travelling and when playing sport, whilst also saving space in the washing machine. There are three different towel sizes to suit individual needs with two different styles (Natural Touch and Natural Open) and two different colours (white and light grey) offering a contemporary look and feel to your home. “The cloths are terrific. The stainless steel comes up so clean it is amazing!” Antony Worrall Thompson MOGB “Stainless steel kitchens only look good when they are clean and shiny. At last, meet the E-Cloth which just needs to be damped down before you use it to polish. Try it on glass, tiles and granite too” BBC Good Food Guide Antibacterial General Purpose Cloth Winner of Best Green Product 2007 - Good Housekeeping Good Buy 2007.


Dimensions: 32cm x 32cm

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