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TWEN32710 E-Cloth

E-Cloth Kitchen / Bathroom Pack - NA

by E-Cloth
  • Includes 1x General Purpose Cloth, 1x Glass/Polishing Cloth.


Product Description

    • Use the thick, general purpose cloth damp on any hard surface such as stainless steel, tiles, chrome, glass, marble or plastics
    • Includes 1x General Purpose Cloth, 1x Glass/Polishing Cloth.

      Particularly recommended for cleaning stainless steel by leading manufacturers including Neff, these two different cloths work in conjunction with each other to remove thick grease whilst also polishing the surface leaving it free from streaks and finger marks which often mark different surfaces
    • To finish polished surfaces such as stainless steel or chrome, use the glass/polishing cloth or spray water on any glass or mirror then fold and wipe


  • How to use the E-cloth® Cleaning System
    All our products in the E-cloth® range can be used in the same way - with just water. There is no impregnation in any of our products and you do not need to use any chemicals when using our system. The E-cloth® can be used in a variety of ways to maximise their effectiveness:
    1. Wet: start wet for cleaning e.g. the car or the bath. Finish off damp.
    2. Damp:for all other surfaces - wet the cloth completely, wring out all excess water, fold and wipe all surfaces clean.
    3. Dry: for dusting only - drag the folded cloth across the surface. Dust is magnetised to the cloth.

    How to maintain your E-cloths
    1. When dirty, our products can be washed at least 300 times. Either put them in a wash bag with your normal washing, or alternatively, boil them on the hob.
    2. In order for the cloths to perform correctly, they need to be kept clean with regular washing. They should be hot, boil washed at 90° in order to kill bacteria. NB. Initial washes should be at 60°.
    3. Always wash the cloths separately from other items to avoid adding fluff to the cloth.
    4. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. The fabric softener removes the static effect for dry use and bleach breaks down the micro fibres.
    5. Either tumble dry or hang dry. If too much washing powder is used, the fibres become blocked and the performance of the cloth is reduced. Wash the cloth a few times without any washing powder to remove the excess soap.


  • Welcome to a whole new way to clean. The original E-cloth System uses no chemicals at all. The cloths are made from millions of tiny, clever fibres which have such a good natural cleaning effect that only water is needed to clean absolutely everywhere. Once used the cloths may be washed time and time again and with correct use will last for years. The cloths may be used on all hard surfaces but are especially effective on glass, chrome and stainless steel.

    Why The E-cloth System?
    By using our E-cloth products as a system throughout your home or business you effectively change from chemical cleaning to cleaning with just water. Other benefits will also become apparent by making this change not least of all being the speed and ease of use.

    The E-cloth System consists of high quality micro fibre cloths. By purchasing several general purpose cloths, a Glass/Polishing cloth (or two) and a mop system, it is possible to clean the whole house or business.

    The cloths should be washed regularly and may be washed at least 300 times.

    Faster and easier than cleaning with chemicals. The E-cloth is made of millions of tiny clever fibres. By using just water, the cloth will clean all grease and dirt WITHOUT smearing - with just a wipe.

    Cost effective - our products will last two to three years. The use of chemical and other products is reduced by 80/90%. The cloths may be washed at least 300 times.

    Provides a better clean - by removing the surface layer of dirt, bacteria have nowhere to grow. Cleaning is reduced as dust and dirt have nothing to stick to.

    Environmentally friendly - a new product to replace chemical cleaning products.

    Hygienic - our cloths may be hot or boil washed thus ensuring a really 'clean' clean every time, something similar products do not allow.

    It's a great duster! - the natural positive charge effect when the general purpose cloth is dragged across any surface ensures that all the dust is removed with a wipe.

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  • EnviroProducts Ltd


Product Reviews(4)


Average Item Rating:

Kitchen Bathroom Pack
  • Added by Sparky
  • Date: 17/01/2016

Brilliant cloths to have in kitchen. Heavier cloth for all round cleaning and second cloth really polishes and finishes off smooth surfaces well. Highly recommend.

Great cloth
  • Added by Freya
  • Date: 30/12/2014

I have been buying these e-cloths for years. I have some for the kitchen and some for the bathroom. No more spending on chemicals

Nice combination
  • Added by Claudio
  • Date: 08/12/2014

These two eco cloth pack are fantastic. I can clean all my house with them and without any effort. With them is easy to remove the dirtiness.

Easy to use
  • Added by Emily
  • Date: 21/11/2014

E-Cloth pack is doing my life easier.

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