ENVR10030 E-Cloth

E-Cloth Pad & Tablet Kit - Single

  • Pads and tablets need frequents cleaning
  • E-Cloth Pad & Tablet Kit
  • The screen-sized cloth and handy ‘pen’ spray offer a quick and convenient solution.


Product Description

  • As the cloth matches many screen sizes, it can be laid on the screen within the carrying case
  • The pen-sized spray contains de-ionised water and is safe to use on any touchscreen.

    The finely woven antistatic Pad & Tablet Cloth quickly removes finger marks, grease, bacteria and dirt from screens, for a perfectly clear finish


Welcome to a whole new way to clean. The original E-cloth System uses no chemicals at all. The cloths are made from millions of tiny, clever fibres which have such a good natural cleaning effect that only water is needed to clean absolutely everywhere. Once used the cloths may be washed time and time again and with correct use will last for years. The cloths may be used on all hard surfaces but are especially effective on glass, chrome and stainless steel.

Why The E-cloth System?
By using our E-cloth products as a system throughout your home or business you effectively change from chemical cleaning to cleaning with just water. Other benefits will also become apparent by making this change not least of all being the speed and ease of use.

The E-cloth System consists of high quality micro fibre cloths. By purchasing several general purpose cloths, a Glass/Polishing cloth (or two) and a mop system, it is possible to clean the whole house or business.

The cloths should be washed regularly and may be washed at least 300 times.

Faster and easier than cleaning with chemicals. The E-cloth is made of millions of tiny clever fibres. By using just water, the cloth will clean all grease and dirt WITHOUT smearing - with just a wipe.

Cost effective - our products will last two to three years. The use of chemical and other products is reduced by 80/90%. The cloths may be washed at least 300 times.

Provides a better clean - by removing the surface layer of dirt, bacteria have nowhere to grow. Cleaning is reduced as dust and dirt have nothing to stick to.

Environmentally friendly - a new product to replace chemical cleaning products.

Hygienic - our cloths may be hot or boil washed thus ensuring a really 'clean' clean every time, something similar products do not allow.

It's a great duster! - the natural positive charge effect when the general purpose cloth is dragged across any surface ensures that all the dust is removed with a wipe.


Cloth - 24 x 17cm, Spray - 10ml

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