HMBL10027 Earigate

Earigate Ear Cleaning System - 100ml

  • Earigate Ear Cleaning System
  • Earigate nozzle's patented duct system, developed by an ENT, ensures expels wax by projecting fluid into ear canal without forcing it against the tympanic membrane


Product Description

  • Earigate is a new ear cleaning system that is:
  • Safe:
  • Prevents the eardrum from being damaged*
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Solution is directed back out of the ear canal
  • Natural:
  • 100% natural-source sea water
  • No preservatives:
  • Isotonic
  • Effective:
  • Developed by an Ears, Nose & Throat doctor(ENT)
  • Ear wash solution clears out the wax and keeps ear clean
  • Preventative:
  • Regular use reduces risk of wax build-up*
  • Fewer visits to GPs and ENTs required*
  • *Observations based on patients treated by Dr John MacRae, developer of Earigate


Cautions Impacted earwax should be removed by physician prior to using device. Solution should be stored at room temperature. Do not keep product in a cool place. If the solution is too cold, use of the product may cause dizziness. Keep away from children. Warnings Do not use with perforated eardrum or if you have had previous mastoid surgery. If pain or bleeding occurs, seek medical attention immediately. Do not use in children under six years of age.

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Hampton Brands Ltd









Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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