GBRT10807 Nemco

Easy Shredder

  • Easy Slicer is the one slicer you need to make fast, easy work of most fruits and vegetables.
  • Easy shredder for cabbage, cheese, carrots etc


Product Description

  • Simply turn the thumbscrew control to lock in your setting on the easy-to-read calibrated gauge
  • Use with NEMCO mounting base 55816 (sold separately) for a secure workstation, plus easy removal for cleaning and storage
  • Optional shredding plates fit all units.

    Key Features
    Labor Saving - - faster than by hand!
    Consistent cut size for portion control
    Versatile - - can slice and shred virtually any produce
    Quick, operator-adjustable slice thickness on a 1/16-inch - 1/2-inch calibrated gauge; fixed cut sizes also available
    Compact, portable, and simple to use
  • Unique, adjustable, stainless steel blade provides a full range of slicing options, from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch in thickness, for extra versatility and convenience
  • Fixed cut models also available


Nemco, of the U.S.A., produce professional food preparation equipment which is designed to be easy to use without any specialist training.
There are machines to prepare many varieties of vegetables easily and with mouth-wateringly tempting results. All are built tough and engineered to perform.
They provide consistent food quality, no matter who’s in your kitchen, every cut is the same - every time, everywhere.
There is complete portion control, consistently sized food product allows for error-free portioning and measuring. If your recipe requires three ¼inch tomato slices, that is exactly what you will get with Nemco, no more, no less.
Nemco food products use food efficiently. They cut the entire food item from end to end. There is no incomplete processing - no oversized scraps. Less food gets thrown out so your costs are reduced.
Nemco products are carefully engineered and evaluated to make users more effective and efficient. Every action, every repetition is considered during product development to make food preparation as fast, easy and fatigue free as possible. Special safety features are built in too.
The entire range is designed and built to stand up to the most rigorous demands. Yet they are light enough for easy cleaning and compact enough to store. Superior engineering, combined with durable cast aluminium, rust-proof stainless steel and engineered plastics afford long life and easy maintenance.

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