ELGS11651 AutoPot

Easy2Grow Pot Auto Grow System Including Water Tank - x 2

  • The basic two pot system is guaranteed to water and feed plants for a minimum of 2 weeks - perfect if you are going away on holiday or are just plain forgetful! This is an ideal system for growing crops such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers
  • Rather than maintain a permanent water level within the tray (which is a common cause of root rot), the AQUAvalve allows the water to drain fully before refilling, imitating the natural wet/dry cycle and thereby offering optimum growing conditions
  • Easy2Grow Kits The Easy2Grow Kit is a genuine breakthrough product that will automatically feed and water plants without the need for pumps, electricity or mains water supply
  • The system is also expandable - up to three two pot modules can run off one single tank At the heart of the system is the patented AQUAvalve which draws water (and any liquid feed added) from the reservoir into the tray section to feed the potted plants


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