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Eat Natural Crunchy Breakfast Almonds & Apricots - 500g

  • When you're looking for good, wholesome, straightforward, no-nonsense food in the morning, our crisp crunchy breakfast cereals give you everything you could ever want to start your day.
  • Eat Natural Crunchy Breakfast Almonds & Apricots


Product Description

  • And...if you haven't got time for a bowl and spoon, our brand new Fruits & Fibre bars are perfect for busy bees...packed with all the kinds of stuff you've come to expect from Eat Natural.
  • They're lovely indulgent mixes of all kinds of breakfasty bits and bobs…oats, cereals,
    dried fruits, nuts, seeds…and nothing dodgy.

    Obviously, like all of our stuff, they're great for veggies too


Most people every day, are choosing to 'Eat Natural'. Perhaps it is no surprise - every bar is so crammed full of good stuff, it's shocking.

In fact, Eat natural bars are so packed with delicious, healthy, premium quality ingredients, that there's no room for any dodgy stuff - no artificial flavours or colours and no preservatives. Just enormous chunky nuts and huge pieces of juicy dried fruit.

We want everybody to enjoy Eat Natural. Everything we make is completely gluten free and is suitable for vegetarians. We use the best natural foods from around the world and always strive to find growers and producers who think the way we do. People who believe that real taste comes naturally, not from additives.

We feel good about Eat Natural. You will too.

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