ESDP10008 Eco Force

Eco Force Recycled Dusters - Pack of 10

  • Use EcoForce Dusters for polishing and dusting glass, mirrors, furniture, car interiors wood and shoes
  • Use wet or dry with your favorite polish.
  • Eco Force Recycled Dusters
  • Using recycled material to make cloths reduces landfill, saves energy, allows crop land to be used for food production


Product Description

  • EcoForce products are made using high quality recycled materials helping you to run a greener home without it costing the earth.

    Benefits and uses of our recycled dusters include:

    Use wet or dry with your favorite polish
    For use on glass, mirrors, wood, furniture, car interiors and shoes


EcoForce manufactures and supplies eco products that work.
We recognise our ability and responsibility as manufacturers to do something about the pressure on consumers to think and behave in a “greener” way.

With an expanding range of products made from recycled materials, we offer “greener”, more sustainable everyday items than those made of virgin materials.

We are a privately owned family business. We make all our products here in the UK in our factory located in Wellingborough. We have always specialised in the design, manufacture, and distribution of household product. Everything that we manufacture is created to make life easier and we pride ourselves on our innovation, our environmental integrity and fact that what we make works and works well.

Manufactured by

Easy Do Products Ltd








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