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Ecoegg Antibacterial WoodFibre Cloths - 2 Pieces

  • Our Antibacterial Wood Fibre Cloths are made from eight layers of natural wood fibre making them super absorbent and great for cleaning all around the home
  • These tough, reusable cloths wipe up bacteria and grime, rinse clean, and then keep on going.
  • Ecoegg Antibacterial WoodFibre Cloths


Product Description

  • You can keep your kitchen germ-free without using harsh chemicals.

    Odour and stain resistant

    They are odour and stain resistant too
  • Just rinse under warm water and you’ll remove not only any residue but also 99% of bacteria, so you’ll always have a fresh cloth ready to go
  • You can wash them in the washing machine too – they’re fantastic quality and will last for years.

    So many uses

    Great for the kitchen, bathroom, floors, or even for cleaning and waxing cars
  • Replace all the cloths around your home with these bacteria-beating beauties.

    Pack of two
  • Removes bacteria without chemicals
    Super absorbent
    Odour and stain resistant

    Removes bacteria

    Incredibly, they’re proven to remove 99% of bacteria with water alone, there’s no need for any chemicals

Manufactured by

Ecoegg Limited









Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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