NAST14619 Ecozone

Ecozone Biobulb 25W Bayonet Daylight Bulb - Single

  • The BioBulb is a full spectrum daylight bulb that uses 75% less energy than a standard light bulb.


Product Description

  • Anyone prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or who simply longs for summer may find that its flicker-free white light helps to restore their natural equilibrium
  • Length 100w 13.5cm, 60w 12.5cm
  • Available in Bayonet and Screw fittings.
  • Colour rendering index of 85
  • They are ideal for reading and most pleasing to the eye
  • The BioBulb 100w (using 25w) bulb issues a massive 1750 lumens (a lumen is a way of measuring natural light, and a standard 60w bulb only manages 600 lumens, so that's over three times as much) and closely replicates sunlight, which may improve mood, nighttime sleep and daytime energy
  • Our BioBulb also radiates less heat than a standard bulb and lasts around 10,000 hours, or seven years


"I have purchased three of these bulbs in the past and now ordered a five pack. I have two in my lounge and have given one to my sister. Both she and I have suffered from a mild form of SADS and feel so much better with this bright, white light - it's almost like having permanent sunshine in the middle of winter! AND you get the benefit of low fuel consumption! Highly recommended."
Josephine Fox

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5 out of 5
By Polly78 | Posted on: 25/01/2012


I've got these bulbs downstairs and they are FANTASTIC!! When you get up on a dark morning feeling rubbish and switch one of these on you'll feel a whole lot more alert as soon as the light hits your eyes. They give a clarity of vision because you see all the colours and contrasts as they're meant to be (hence the term "Full Spectrum) instead of with the yellow tinge given off by normal bulbs. This makes for less eyestrain when reading newspapers or using computers. A simple way to feel better!

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