ECZO10020 Ecozone

Ecozone Magnoloo - Twin Pack

  • Clever research people found that when water’s treated magnetically, calcium carbonate won’t stick around creating limescale, instead, it flows freely right out of the toilet


Product Description

  • Get some magnetic attraction with Magnoloo
  • It’ll help prevent horrid stains and limescale build-up in your toilet without using chemicals so you can love your loo again


The Magnoloo contains a powerful magnet. Keep away from pacemakers, electronic data carriers, VCR’s, DVD’s, TV’s and computers. Keep out of reach of children. Magnoloo is not a toy and should be kept away from children and animals. Magnoloo’s easy to use. Here’s how 1. Drop a Magnoloo descaler into your toilet’s cistern – it’ll sink to the bottom and settle there 2. That’s it - water will circulate through the Magnoloo If you’re in a very hard water area, try using two Magnoloos.


Ecozone is an international company that designs and produces ecological cleaning products, energy saving products and gadgets. Originally founded in 1997 in England, Ecozone has been a trendsetter from the very start, marketing high-quality, utilitarian products to a broad consumer base. From humble beginnings working from the family home, the Company has grown organically year on year to one whose products are available widely in the UK from both small independent shops and major national multiples. Outside of the UK, we work closely with International distributers to make our product range available throughout the world – please consult our International page for information on your nearest distributer. Central to the success and growth of our brand is the fact that we always develop our products with the consumer in mind, working hard to offer products which really work and are genuinely better for the environment than the alternatives available.

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Ecozone Ltd








5 out of 5
By huskymike | Posted on: 05/09/2013

Very Good

ust what I ordered, I am hoping this will remove any limescale from my cistern, easy to install. I would reccommend this product.


Expected Despatch By 28/10/2016

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