EDIN10240 Educational Insights

Educational Insights Ready, Set, Woof!

  • Find and feed hungry puppies! Players shake the Dog Bowl Randomizer to find out which pup to feed, then scan the board for the pup with matching colors
  • Educational Insights Ready, Set, Woof!
  • The player who finds the matching pup first feeds it a bone
  • The first player to give away all bones first wins! Ages 3-7


Product Description

  • Each player takes 5 dog bones 2
  • 5
  • Each player scans the board to search for the puppy with the matching colors
  • 4
  • 3
  • Shhh...They’re Learning!
    Helps increase recognition skills
    Boosts concentration and memory skills
    Promotes sharing and turn taking
    Helps develop social skills

    Cut to the Chase
    A puppy-rific version of best-selling Robot Face Race™, but for younger players!
    Includes Dog Bowl Randomizer with 6 different colors
    Game board features 30 different puppies
    20 Bone-shaped game pieces
    Multilingual instruction guide
    No reading required for gameplay!
    For 2–4 players

    How to play

  • Feed all 5 of your bones to the puppies first and win!
  • Shake the Dog Bowl Randomizer and wait for the colored balls to fall into place
  • The colors match the color of one puppy's fur and collar on the board
  • The first person to find the puppy can "feed it" a bone

Manufactured by

Educational Insights, Inc.








Age Range

3 years - 7 years




Expected Despatch By 08/11/2016
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