FAFS10414 Mueller

Elastic Wrap Mesh Pouch and Medium Hot/Cold Pack

  • The mesh pouch allows a fabric barrier between your skin and the hot or cold gel pack and the elasticated velcro strap can help secure and hold the wrap in place, while fixing the velcro end to anywhere on the wrap
  • Spare Mueller Cold/Hot Packs can be purchased separately as it is ideal to have one in the freezer cooling while you are using the other.
  • The mesh pouch size is slightly bigger than the Reusable Gel Pack of 14 x 22cm and has a velcro tab at the end securing it in place, while the size of the elasticated wrap is 16 inches or 41cm and the velcro fastening on the end can adhere to anywhere on the whole wrap
  • The gel pack should never be applied directly to skin, when cold or warm, and the temperature should always be checked carefully before handling
  • Please follow the instructions with the pack
  • The Cold/Hot Pack also has to attribute of remaining very flexible when either cold or hot which can help the user to customise the wrap to their needs
  • Mueller reusable elastic wrap with mesh pouch is ideal for the application of cold or hot therapy to an ankle, wrist or a small, more targeted area of the knee, lower leg and arms


Product Description

  • 15 x 23 cm Gel Pack
    41cm Elasticated Strap
    Barrier between Pack and Skin
    Ideal for Swelling reduction

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