AHCC13805 Rocol

Electra Clean Spray 300ml


Product Description

  • It is NSF Registered category code K2 as suitable for cleaning electronic instruments and devices in and around food processing areas
  • ROCOL Electraclean Spray is a solvent based cleaner in aerosol format

  • The cleaner is also ideal for use in many other industrial environments.

    Electraclean Spray contains a blend of fast evaporating solvents that leave no residue

  • The product therefore is ideal for cleaning electrical equipment including control panels, electric motors, electrical contacts, switches etc.

    Features and Benefits
    Electraclean Spray is a foodsafe cleaner designed to remove grime, grease and dirt from all electrical instruments and devices including control panels, motors, contacts and switches.
    Electraclean Spray is a highly effective, fast evaporating cleaner - dries within seconds.
    Electraclean Spray evaporates completely to leave a residue free surface that will not interfere with conductivity.
    Compatible with most commonly used plastics.
    Electraclean Spray has a 3600 valve system enabling it to be sprayed from any angle.
    Electraclean Spray has a blue mini-jet spray nozzle for accurate application and easy identification as a foodsafe product.

    Electraclean Spray does not contain: mineral hydrocarbons, animal derived materials, nut oils or genetically modified ingredients.
    FDA Group 21 CFR 178-3570
    NSF K2 Registered  124471

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