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Electrical Curling Tongs Ultrasonic Hot Vibrating Razor Hot Curling Tongs

  • Hair Styling Razor
  • The Ultrasonic Razor combined with the heated blade helps to produce a clean and easy cut through on wet or dry hair
  • Product Include: Ultrasonic Hot Vibrating Razor for Hair Cut / Styling x 1 Free Gift : Retractable Cremestick Makeup Lip Liner x 1 (Random Color) Product Description: Ultrasonic Hot Vibrating Razor for Hair Cut / Styling The new Ultrasonic Hot Vibrating Razor is a significant technology in razor
  • It can also help to avoid splits ends and frizziness Easy cutting gives you enhanced control and precision Quickly heating up to 120C after 60 seconds Color : Silver There are three different modes : Heated and Vibrating Blade Heated Blade Only Off(Regular Cut) Dual Voltage :110-240V (Can be used in any places) Size: 250mm x 40mm x 18mm(Thickness) Capacity:15W Voltage: 100~240V 50/60HZ
  • Ultrasonic Vibrating Razor

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