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Electrolux Fridge/Freezer DRIP PROTECTION TRAY 60cm x 60cm

Product Description

Electrolux Fridge/Freezer DRIP PROTECTION TRAY 60cm x 60cm

OPN: 960010676

related Part Number: 9029793339, 2014570747, 2014570754, 499922896, 499990299, 499990398, 499990497, 9029783223, 959000134, 959000142, 959000977, 959000985, 959000993, 960007029, 960007037, 960013092, 960013605

Features:Best drip pan for 60 cm refrigerators and freezers
Through installing a drip pan, minimizes the risk of water leak and expensive water damage.
Minimise the risk of water damage on your floors and fittings, with this large 60cm drip tray.
Often moisture and water damage starts with a small water leakage.
The innovative design of this product runs collected water to the front of the tray so that the leak can be spotted in time.

Fit to Model:All Freezers/Fridges that has a base dimension of 60cm by 60cm

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