EEZY10168 Polypipe

ELEGANCE CIROG03B OGEE Cast Iron effect External Black - 90 deg Angle


Product Description

  • Other system benefits include:

    • Supplied ready to fit without the need for painting or protective coatings
    • Quick to install, reducing total installation cost
    • ELEGANCE CIROG03B OGEE Cast Iron effect External 90 deg Angle Black

      Key Features & Benefits

      The Elegance range looks great on any property and is particularly suitable for premium homes and houses within conservation areas

    • (No metal primer, spanners, paint or disc cutters required)
    • Durable and long-lasting finish without the need to apply corrosion control traditionally used with cast iron systems
    • Elegance products are UV stabilised to protect against colour fade
    • Lower installation, product and maintenance costs
    • Wide range of roof structure design solutions can be achieved
    • Lightweight construction for easy handling, assembly and installation
    • Elegance is suitable for both new build and residential renovation projects

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