FSHC10035 Elite Bags

Elite Basic Life Support Emergency Medical Bag


Product Description

  • Polyamide
  • The elastic bands located in all its inner faces get the fixation of the different materials. Night-day reflective bands. 2 medium external pockets. 2 big external pockets with elastic bands and wide pockets. 4 detachable transparent compartments according to the normalized color code (Blue: respiratory system; Red: circulatory system; Green: surgical materials; Yellow: paediatric materials). Isothermal ampoule holder with 27 elastic bands. Shoulder strap, handles around the whole bag for a better resistance, hidden backpack and waist belt. Pocket-sized biocontaminated material container and a reusable cold gel included. Inner instruments not included
  • Washable. Interior completely adaptable to the needs of the user thanks to the velcro detachable dividers located in its interior
  • EXTREME'S satisfies all the necessary requirements of the specializing emergency services in basic life support. Measures: 50 x 26 x 29 cm. Weight: 2.7 kg. Colour: Red. Maximum recommended contents weight: 12 kg. Features: Material: 1000x1000D

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