ELAR10010 Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Eau de Toilette Spray - 100ml

  • A melange of rich, rare florals
  • The same classic fragrance, with a new signature look
  • Sophisticated.
  • Glamorous
  • Elegant


Product Description

  • Top notes – Lily of the Valley, Freesia, Wild Violets

    Mid notes – Red Rose, Moroccan Orange Flower, Jasmine, Ylang

    Base notes – Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Honey


A legendary innovator and a tireless entrepreneur, Miss Elizabeth Arden established the American beauty industry a century ago. Born Florence Nightingale Graham, she traveled from rural Canada to New York City, where she opened the first Red Door salon on Fifth Avenue in 1910.

Elizabeth Arden's list of beauty innovations is long. She was the first to introduce eye makeup to the women of America and pioneered the creation of the "makeover." With the launch of Ardena Skin Tonic, the company became the first to incorporate its founder's name into a product name. Miss Arden developed the first travel-size beauty products, and was the first in the cosmetics business to train and send out a team of traveling demonstrators and saleswomen.

By the 1930s, Miss Arden had opened Red Door salons in the majority of the fashion capitals around the globe, and proudly acknowledged her accomplishments by proclaiming that there were only three American names known in every corner of the globe: Singer Sewing Machines, Coca-Cola and Elizabeth Arden.

Through it all, Miss Arden created both an empire and a new industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation, quality and excellence remain the soul of the company today.

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