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Ella's Kitchen Stage 3 Baby Salmon Risotto - 190g

  • 100% risotto rice with salmon, veg + cheese – made from a mix of just organic food, perfectly balanced for toddlers and older babies.
  • Ella's Kitchen Stage 3 Baby Salmon Risotto



Organic vegetable stock 47%
(water and organic vegetables: carrots, leeks, onions and parsley)
Organic salmon 12%
Organic carrots 8%
Organic peas 8%
Organic cheese 8%
Organic rice 6%
Organic onions 5%
Organic leeks 4%
Organic unsalted butter 2%
Other stuff 0%

*Please note that whilst extra care has been taken to remove fish bones, some may remain.

Nutrition Information

Per pack
Energy 792kJ / 190kcal
Protein 13.1g
Carbohydrate 9.5g
of which sugars 3.6g

Fat1 0.5g
of which saturates 6.5g
Fibre 2.9g
Sodium 0.11g


Ella is my 8 year old daughter and I set up Ella’s Kitchen because I passionately believe that she, along with her generation, should have the opportunity to eat better food and also to discover that healthy food can be fun, tasty and cool.

We think it’s important to always approach things from a child’s point of view. So we’ve taken simple, natural ingredients that ooze goodness and created foods, and packaging, that should really connect with kids with flavours, colours, textures and even names that will appeal to all of their senses.

Ranges include Smoothie Fruits, stage 1, 2 & 3 baby and toddler foods, pasta sauces and Baby Brekkie.

We think Ella's Kitchen is different. We hope you agree.

Paul Lindley – Ella’s Dad


- Can I freeze Ella's Kitchen products?

Often kids - and especially babies - don't get all the way through their dinner so it's good to know the food doesn't have to go to waste.

It's fine to freeze Ella's Kitchen products as long as it's frozen within 24 hours of opening the pouch, and consumed quickly after the product has been thoroughly defrosted. We wouldn't recommend freezing food that's already been warmed through.

You can freeze it in one two ways. Either pop the pouch straight in the freezer or you can squeeze leftovers into ice cube trays to create mini portions.

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