PTWD10000 Epicure

Epicure Cooked & Peeled Chestnuts - 200g

  • Delicious French chestnuts, vaccum packed and ready for use.


Product Description

  • Add to salads with quail eggs or crispy bacon and dress with balsamic.
  • Perfect for stuffings, soups or stir-fries


The terms 'Epicure' and 'Epicurean' are derived from the Greek philosopher Epicurus (341-270 BC), who believed that "the greatest good is pleasure". The current dictionary definition is a little less hedonistic, describing an Epicure as 'A person who cultivates a discriminating palate for good food and drink'.

The Epicure brand was registered in 1891 by Petty, Wood & Company and quickly built a reputation for quality pickled and preserved foods. Epicure continued to innovate by importing exotic canned fruits and vegetables previously unseen in this corner of the world.

Today’s grocery market has changed significantly since our early days, but we continue to innovate through selection of the best produce and recipes and our principle of ‘quality without compromise’ still holds just as true today.

To ensure consistency of quality in our new product development we have recruited Patrick Coudert to the Epicure team. Patrick is a 2 star Michelin chef who trained under Paul Bocuse, the founding father of Nouvelle Cuisine. He lists the Queen of Thailand, the King of Morocco, George Bush Snr., Madonna, Julio Iglesias, the Bee Gees, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Curtis, Bob Hope, Boris Becker, Jacques Chirac and Helmut Kohl amongst those that he has cooked for.

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Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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