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Equazen Eye Q 500mg - 180 Capsules

  • Naturally sourced Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils.


Product Description

  • The formulation is delivered in the form of high grade natural oils
  • There is good evidence that this formulation delivers the optimum ratio of fatty acids for eye and brain function
  • Our main reason for this specification is that many who take eye q are youngsters, and so we believe this makes it even more important that there are no ‘nasties’ included within the formulation
  • eye q offers a combination of the specific omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids required for optimal brain and eye function
  • eye q has become the supplement of choice in the UK and leading European markets for anyone with concerns about fatty acid deficiency in learning and behaviour
  • Testimonials from parents and children have indicated real benefits in learning ability and concentration
  • The formulation has been scientifically tested, most notably in the ground-breaking Durham schools trial, the most thorough study yet of how fatty acids may be of benefit in the classroom
  • We don’t use the word ‘natural’ lightly: in processing and selecting our oils, we ensure that only pure, naturally-sourced fatty acids are used
  • When we developed eye q, we looked closely at the research showing that certain fatty acids play a vital role in the development of vision, co-ordination, learning ability, memory and concentration, in children and adults
  • To reflect this work, we combined the highest possible natural source of omega-3 EPA, in the form of a particular marine lipid, with omega-6 GLA, provided by cold-pressed virgin evening primrose oil


The capsules are made at a pharmaceutical-grade facility, and use bovine gelatin, certified as in full compliance with EC specifications on BSE. That is, the gelatin is sourced from countries where there has been no recorded case of the disease. Our experience has been that the bovine source is the most reliable and tested gelatin format. It is also certified as kosher and halal.

Nutrition Information

The oils used in eye q are entirely natural, and are not subject to industrial processes of concentration, and so you can be sure that you are taking the fatty acids in their purest natural form.


The intake recommendations for eye q are that one should take six capsules a day for the first three months, and then at least two capsules a day thereafter. This means that on an initial intake basis, it is best to start with the 180s or 360s, which will provide respectively enough capsules to last one of two months. Once one is on the maintenance intake, just one pot of 60s will provide two capsules a day for each month.


At equazen, we are devoted to help family members improve their quality of life and achieve their desired potential in a safe and natural way. equazen started with a very clear goal that hasn't changed since its creation in April 1999. Our mission is to encourage individual health by providing premium grade omega-3 and omega-6 formulations based on lipid science, and backed by strong independant research.


equazen eye q contains high quality marine and botanical oils. Here are a few of the key facts that you may want to know so that you – or your children – can take our oils with confidence. Five facts about the Omega-3 component of equazen eye q: In equazen eye q, the high EPA marine oil comes from small fish, specifically sardines and pilchards. The fish which we use in our oils is sourced from sustainable stocks. The oil we use is independently tested for its Vitamin A and D content. For our high EPA oils, we harvest the fish during the few weeks of the year when these oils are highest, ensuring that we deliver a high natural source of EPA – this is important for the quality of our fish oil. We comply with stringent EC and WHO regulations with regard to dioxins, PCBs, heavy metals and other potential pollutants. The result is high quality fish oil in a natural form. You may want to know some facts about the Omega-6 component: virgin unrefined Evening Primrose Oil. This is a particularly high quality source of GLA because we: Extract with a simple mechanical press similar to that used for virgin olive oil, ensuring minimal contact with heat, light or oxygen. We believe this to be superior to the other methods. Solvent extraction leaves chemical traces, and mainstream pressing causes heat damage to this delicate oil. Filter the oil to take out small particles. Refine to reduce the impurities which can affect product stability and which could give the oil a bad odour or taste Finally, when manufacturing these ingredients, we use pharmaceutical-grade facilities for encapsulation and packaging.

About Brand

equazen is dedicated to developing natural-based nutritional supplements with specific combinations of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. equazen products are backed by robust scientific research aimed at furthering the understanding of essential fatty acids and their health benefits. The balance between omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids is a determining factor in physical and mental well-being. Nowadays our modern western diet is deficient in omega-3 and in excess of omega-6. This imbalance can cause a host of symptoms and disorders, hence it is essential to restore the balance. The name equazen is made of “equa” and “zen”, it means finding the right balance between science and nature. Our mission is to encourage individual health by providing premium grade omega-3 and omega-6 formulations based on lipid science and backed by strong independent research. Founded in 1999 by husband and wife team, equazen is now owned by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Vifor Pharma, a company of the Galenica group. We work closely with an international network of distributors around the globe. equazen’s distributors are just like any large family: they have their own individual strengths and share common traits -they are innovative, committed and on a mission!

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