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Equazen Eye Q MumOmega Pregnancy - 30 Capsules

by Equazen
  • Equazen developed mumomega™ to deliver the exact structural fatty acids required at a crucial time of life: before, during and after pregnancy.
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Product Description

    • Indeed, it is increasingly being recognised that the nutritional status of a woman has important implications for the development, and future health and wellbeing of her children
    • This does not mean that you require a special diet, or need to ‘eat for two’, it simply means that you need a good intake of those nutrients that are essential for your baby’s healthy growth and development
    • Variety is key to a healthy balanced diet
    • The Food Standards Agency (FSA) also recommends that we should all eat at least two portions of fish a week
    • They also say: ‘Girls and women who might have a baby one day, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, should eat no more than two portions of oily fish a week
    • Good nutrition is important throughout life, but medical and nutritional experts agree that it is even more important if you are planning to conceive, are expecting a baby, or are currently breastfeeding
    • Of particular interest is the fact that organisations such as the Department of Health and the British Nutrition Foundation recommend we all eat more fish – at least two portions a week, of which one should be oily fish like salmon or mackerel
    • In particular, the structural fatty acids play a vital role in the ‘nutritional preparation’ for pregnancy, since a diet that includes these can have positive outcomes for the developing baby and the expectant or breastfeeding mother
    • By eating a range of different foods each day, including fruit and vegetables, cooked meat and fish, sources of carbohydrate like pasta, as well as dairy products including milk and cheese, you will obtain all the various nutrients that your baby needs, as well as keeping yourself in top condition, too
    • Other women, men and boys, can eat up to four portions of oily fish.’
    • The main reason for this is because in addition to being an excellent low-fat protein source, oily fish is also rich in long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids


  • Are there any other additives?

    We add natural Vitamin E in a form that is easy for both the mother and infant to absorb. Vitamin E is useful for its role as a powerful anti-oxidant, soaking up free radicals and helping the long-chain fatty acids get on with their vital work.

    Both sources of fatty acids are natural triglycerides: no synthetic forms of fatty acids are present. Natural triglycerides are in the form most suited for the body to absorb, and thus ensure maximum efficacy. The mumomega ™ formulation contains only fatty acids and natural-source antioxidants, but is otherwise free of any additives, flavourings or synthetic compounds.


  • There are no known side-effects or contraindications with the ingredients in mumomega ™. However, if you wish to remain cautious about any medications you or your child are taking, you may want to consult your doctor before commencing supplementation.

Nutrition Information

  • Per daily intake (1 x 750mg capsule)

    Docosahexaenoic Acid ( DHA ) 300mg
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 42mg
    Arachidonic Acid (AA) 8.4mg
    Docosapentaenoic Acid (DPA) 8.4mg
    Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) 15mg
    Vitamin E 2.8mg (28% RDA*)


  • After assessing current research, the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL), advises pregnant and lactating women to consume at least 300mg of DHA a day. One capsule of mumomega ™ pregnancy a day ensures this level. This intake should be maintained throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. You may wish to continue taking the supplement after breastfeeding to help replenish your own depleted reserves of fatty acids.

    When should I take mumomega ™ pregnancy?

    Given the compelling clinical evidence that DHA and AA consumption is essential for normal development of a baby's brain and eyes, coupled with the increased likelihood of a full-term pregnancy, it is clear that women should consume a sufficient intake of these nutrients to ensure an adequate supply to their growing babies. Ideally, this should begin before conception and continue right through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Furthermore, expectant mothers need to be fastidious about their fatty acid input, not only for babies, but for themselves. During pregnancy, Mother Nature gives the baby priority, and it effectively treats the woman's brain as a food source, stripping away structural fatty acids, which are then carried across the placenta to help grow the baby's brain. This entirely natural process can result in the maternal brain shrinking by 3% during pregnancy. If a woman then breastfeeds, it has been estimated that she will continue to lose 50 - 80 mg of fatty acids each day. Significantly, fatty acid depletion in women has been linked to post-natal depression.

    Finally, on average it takes a woman around 26 weeks to replenish the fatty acids lost during pregnancy. Consequently, her subsequent babies are at greater risk of not having sufficient DHA and AA for optimal brain and eye development. It is therefore important for women to increase their fatty acid intake to also ensure an adequate supply for any future children.


  • At equazen, we are devoted to help family members improve their quality of life and achieve their desired potential in a safe and natural way. equazen started with a very clear goal that hasn't changed since its creation in April 1999. Our mission is to encourage individual health by providing premium grade omega-3 and omega-6 formulations based on lipid science, and backed by strong independant research.


  • equazen eye q contains high quality marine and botanical oils. Here are a few of the key facts that you may want to know so that you – or your children – can take our oils with confidence. Five facts about the Omega-3 component of equazen eye q: In equazen eye q, the high EPA marine oil comes from small fish, specifically sardines and pilchards. The fish which we use in our oils is sourced from sustainable stocks. The oil we use is independently tested for its Vitamin A and D content. For our high EPA oils, we harvest the fish during the few weeks of the year when these oils are highest, ensuring that we deliver a high natural source of EPA – this is important for the quality of our fish oil. We comply with stringent EC and WHO regulations with regard to dioxins, PCBs, heavy metals and other potential pollutants. The result is high quality fish oil in a natural form. You may want to know some facts about the Omega-6 component: virgin unrefined Evening Primrose Oil. This is a particularly high quality source of GLA because we: Extract with a simple mechanical press similar to that used for virgin olive oil, ensuring minimal contact with heat, light or oxygen. We believe this to be superior to the other methods. Solvent extraction leaves chemical traces, and mainstream pressing causes heat damage to this delicate oil. Filter the oil to take out small particles. Refine to reduce the impurities which can affect product stability and which could give the oil a bad odour or taste Finally, when manufacturing these ingredients, we use pharmaceutical-grade facilities for encapsulation and packaging.

About Brand

  • equazen is dedicated to developing natural-based nutritional supplements with specific combinations of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. equazen products are backed by robust scientific research aimed at furthering the understanding of essential fatty acids and their health benefits. The balance between omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids is a determining factor in physical and mental well-being. Nowadays our modern western diet is deficient in omega-3 and in excess of omega-6. This imbalance can cause a host of symptoms and disorders, hence it is essential to restore the balance. The name equazen is made of “equa” and “zen”, it means finding the right balance between science and nature. Our mission is to encourage individual health by providing premium grade omega-3 and omega-6 formulations based on lipid science and backed by strong independent research. Founded in 1999 by husband and wife team, equazen is now owned by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Vifor Pharma, a company of the Galenica group. We work closely with an international network of distributors around the globe. equazen’s distributors are just like any large family: they have their own individual strengths and share common traits -they are innovative, committed and on a mission!

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Good product for pregnant and nursing women and good e-shop.

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