ESI Solar After Sun Milk Spray - 200ml

  • ESI Solar After Sun Milk Spray
  • After exposure to the sun the skin needs to rest
  • Aloedermal After Sun Milk helps to re-balance skin tissues re-hydrating them and preventing exfoliation


Product Description

ESI Solar After Sun Milk Spray.

  • After Sun Milk moisturises the skin keeping it soft and supple ensuring a beautiful long-lasting tan
  • Aloedermal After Sun Milk helps to re-balance skin tissues re-hydrating them and preventing exfoliation
  • After exposure to the sun the skin needs to rest


ALOE VERA: all the products contain a high quantity of Aloe, coming from organic cultivations. Aloe Barbadensis has a regenerating, cicatrizing, anti-inflammatory, wetting, moisturizing and analgesic activity. Therefore it finds a perfect application in solar products, both during the exposure to the sun and afterwards. MIJCUNA PRURIENS Extract: naturally rich in L-DOPA plant, a natural parent element of melanin. Tyrosine in melanocytes is transformed into L-DOPA and, subsequently, in melanin. The application on the skin of a L-DOPA based cream, therefore, stimulates the pigmentation and the achievement of a more progressive, uniform, more intense and long lasting tan. HYALURONIC ACID: fraction of very low molecular weight (inferior to 100 Kda) sodium hyaluronate, capable of penetrating in the deepest skin layers, absorbing and retaining large amounts of water. It shows therefore a strong moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect If applied on the face, it makes the skin younger, more tonic and smoother. It has also a preventive action against early ageing. PHYTOSTEROLS: their structure and activity is similar to cholesterol: if applied of the skin they contribute to homeostasis of the lamellar lipid layer of the corneocytes. Therefore they help to improve fluidity and tonicity of cellular membranes, they restore the natural barrier function in damaged skin, they reduce the inflammatory states and promote skin repair process. COENZIME Q 10: also known as ubiquinone, it has a primary action in the production of cellular energy, it also carries out a antioxidant and protective action against free radicals. ARGAN OIL: rich in linoleic acid, vitamin E and A, valuable allies against skin ageing. It also has cicatrizing properties and protects the skin against external attacks neutralizing free radicals. lt is also an excellent oil for the skin because it stimulates cellular renewal. VITAMIN E: it is very used in cosmetics for its properties: it acts as a protector of phospholipids which make up cellular membranes; it improves skin surface conditions; it helps to keep a good skin water balance; it has an anti-inflammatory action; finally, it is a strong antioxidant against free radicals which are formed on the skin surface. SHEA BUTTER: rich in vitamins and suited for dry skin, dermatitis, reddening and irritations. It has high unsaponifiables contents (from 12% to 18%), essential and primary substances for the improvement of skin tone and particularly for keeping its natural elasticity. It has also antioxidant and protective properties for its capacity of absorbing UV rays.

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