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Eskimo Eskimo Advanced EPA - 50 Capsules

  • Eskimo-3 is a unique stable fish oil supplement containing a healthy balance of the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA
  • Eskimo Eskimo Advanced EPA
  • The oil in Eskimo-3 has been purified to reduce environmental toxins such as mercury and pesticides, PCBs and DDT, to well below the current acceptable levels, as confirmed in independent studies
  • Eskimo-3 has no fish odour or aftertaste due to its incredible stability.
  • It is produced from sustainable sources of oily fish living in the deep seas


About Brand

The Eskimo-3 range provides omega-3 rich fish oils which are pure, fresh, safe and effective, and are the ideal way to support the health of your whole family.

Eskimo-3 was inspired by the original research into the outstanding heart health of the Eskimos who, despite consuming high amounts of fat, have exceptionally good cardiovascular health. Researchers found that this was because the fat they were consuming (from fish and seafood) was rich in the now celebrated
omega-3 fatty acids.

Eskimo-3 is safer
Fish oil easily turns rancid during manufacture and storage which may reduce the effectiveness and safety of the oil. The Eskimo-3 range uses a unique patented process that ensures the oil is fresh, stable, effective and safe.

Eskimo-3 is more effective
Because of the unique process that ensures the freshness and safety of Eskimo-3 fish oil, it is also more effective. Research has shown that Eskimo-3 fish oil may be more effective than plain fish oil and may be a superior way to support heart, brain and joint health.

Eskimo-3 is toxin free
Environmental toxins accumulate in fish, and unless removed will concentrate in fish oil. Eskimo-3 fish oil undergoes an extensive purification process to ensure it is toxin free, and independent studies have consistently shown that Eskimo-3 is one of the purest fish oils available.

Eskimo-3 is supported by science
More than 100 scientific articles have been published in leading medical journals worldwide demonstrating the effects of Eskimo-3 fish oil and the Eskimo-3 range of products. This high level of scientific research is testament to the quality and safety of Eskimo-3.

Eskimo-3 is ethically and sustainably sourced
Over-fishing is becoming a serious threat to the world’s fishstocks. Eskimo-3 fish oil comes from a sustainably managed fishery, so not only is Eskimo-3 good for you; it is good for the environment and our future.

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