ESSY10026 Essey

Essey Mini Bin Bin Black - 250 x 250mm, 7000ml

  • Essey Mini Bin Bin Black
  • A wastebasket with an identity all its own; Mini Bin Bin looks exactly like the contents it is designed to contain, crushed paper


Product Description

  • Mini Bin Bin
  • A natural addition to Bin Bin the mini version is the perfect bathroom bin, or for places where space is at a premium
  • The product is made of hard polyethylene
  • Design by John Brauer
  • Material: High density polyethylene

About Brand

Essey is the story not of the evolution of design but rather of an evolution in design. In the world of nature shapes are defined by their function, it forms the very essence of our natural world. In the world of design, shapes often only bear slight resemblance to their function, if at all. How many times have we looked at something and wondered what it is, or what it is used for? The world of design is not always in harmony with the world of nature and it is this imbalance that needs to be corrected. The belief of Essey founder John Brauer, that function should be representative of natural form, is at the very core of the company and is at the heart of its design philosophy - Symbolic Functionalism


Waste paper basket, 7 liters. Ø250 x H250 mm, 360g. Color: Black. Material: Polyethylene HD (rigid). Produced in Germany. Design John Brauer.

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Essey ApS








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