ESSY10002 Essey

Essey Pen Pen Desk Tidy Black - 10cm (Height)

  • Bin Bin’s little brother
  • Pen Pen is a holder for pencils, scissors – indeed for anything
  • The design links the pen and the crumpled paper from a writer’s early drafts, to create a useful desktop tool
  • 10cm high
  • Award winning design


Product Description

Essey Pen Pen Desk Tidy Black.

  • Pen Pen is a holder for pencils, scissors, indeed for anything
  • A useful designer desktop tool
  • Award winning design
  • Material: PELD
  • 10cm high
  • The design links the pen and the crumpled paper from a writer's early drafts
  • Diameter: 9.5 cm; height: 10 cm
  • Plastic
  • The design looks like crumpled paper
  • Designer: John Brauer
  • Colour: Black


Objects designed by Essey focus on issues identified from observations and experiments and, redefined into new concepts, challenge today’s conventional thinking. New values, essential to an issue, are expressed and communicated in product forms and functions. Creativity, imagination and innovation are the key themes The Essey brand name is derived from the word “essential”, forming the very core of our values and inspiration. Nature is a powerful source of inspiration due to the evolutionary and organic fundamentals of minimalist success factors. Ultimately nature acts using the simplest means - the essentials.

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Expected Despatch By 27/10/2016
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