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esti Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml

  • An extra virgin olive oil from Koroneiki variety olives, that grow in the abundant olive cultivarum of Mani, a region of Messinia, at the foot of Mt
  • Taygetos
  • This oil's very low acidity and rich content of polyphenoles make it a very high quality, exquisite extra virgin.
  • esti Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Olives are handpicked from November until February and the juice is extracted, just a few hours after harvest, in our traditional olive oil milestone in Mani


Product Description

  • It has deep, bright green colour and a fruity, bittersweet taste hints at the smooth feeling various fruits, with a predominant apple taste.


Olive growing, in Greece, started mostly on small family estates, where a particular relationship is built between the olive growers and the olives, with respect and care as predominant features. It is a loving relationship that bears precious fruits.

Thus begins the history of out company established by the Plemmenos brothers, in 1912, in Kalamata.

* Its products: Primo, Alpha,Chrysso and Ladokambos.The exceptional Olive oil - Primo, Alpha, Chrysso and Ladokambos soon became world famous thanks to exports to most European countries, USA, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand.
* In 1975 the company introduced an innovation to the Greek market by delivering its products door to door and soon became one of the leading olive oil companies in Greece.
* In 2006, the company heavily invested in modernisation to fully meet ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP standards.
* In 2009 our company was acquired by IFANTIS GROUP and renamed Greek Land Foods LTD.

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