LABD10003 Sentelle

Eucalyptus & Spearmint 14oz Pillar Soy Candle - 3"x3"

  • Soy candles by Sentelle are:Clean Burning: They do not produce black soot that stains walls and home interiors.Long Lasting: Lasts 50% longer than conventional candles which means you get value for money.Have a Wonderful Scent Throw: When lit both the candle and the room smells divine and the candle smells as great at the bottom as it did at the top.Toxin-Free and non carcinogenic.Made from soy beans a Natural and Sustainable Source.

Product Description

A 14oz solid 100% soy pillar in a pale pea green colour fragranced with the pure eucalyptus & spearmint scent. It is 3” wide by 3” tall. This is a combination of the cool and soothing scent of the eucalyptus plant with the refreshing aroma of mint leaves and an added slightly fruity tone. Known to help relieve the symptoms of respiratory conditions, the eucalyptus provides a pleasant and clean sensation on which the freshness of the mint builds up as the candle slowly melts. This is the ideal fragrance for your bathroom or for your child's bedroom. Burning time is 85 hours with a guaranteed strong consistent scent which fills the room.


Soy wax, fragrance.


The first time you burn your soy pillar should be for 4 hours or however long it takes to burn to the outer wall , this sets the memory burn . On subsequent occasions you can burn your soy pillar for how ever long you want.

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