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Eurax Lotion - 100ml

  • Eurax lotion. Nothing can be more irritating than an itch that will not go away but a simple and easy way to relieve the irritation quickly and effectively is to apply Eurax.

Product Description

Lasting up to 10 hours, Eurax cream or lotion quickly relieves the itching and irritation caused by the following 10 common itchy skin irritations: 1. Itchy Dermatitis 2. Dry Eczema 3. Allergic Rashes 4. Insect Bites & Stings 5. Hives 6. Nettle Rash 7. Heat Rash 8. Sunburn 9. Chickenpox 10. Personal Itching


Eurax Cream and Lotion contain crotamiton. Always read the label.


Eurax is available as a non-greasy cream or lotion and can be used on 10 different common skin ailments, making it a family medicine cabinet essential. Consult a doctor before use in children under 3 years of age.

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