ISLS18349 Everbuild

Everbuild Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner - 500ml


Product Description

  • Benefits

    Contains separate nozzle, hence may be used to clean both guns and DIY grade nozzles
  • Leave the GUN FOAM CLEANER attached to the gun for 5 minutes to allow the solvent in the gun to work on the residues inside
  • If foam is left attached to the gun, spray GUN FOAM CLEANER over the outside of the discharge nozzle before storage to remove any residues which may seize up the valve

  • Shelf Life
    Use within 12 months

    The technical data contained herein is based on our present knowledge and experience and we cannot be held liable for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or editorial failings that result from technological changes or research between the date of issue of this document and the date the product is acquired
  • Moreover, all users should contact the seller or the manufacturer of the product for additional technical information concerning its use if they think that the information in their possession needs to be clarified in any way, whether for normal use or a specific application of our product
  • Pull the trigger once again until only clear solvent emerges

  • Never try to clean a gun with water

  • Health & Safety
    Consult MSDS for full list of hazards
    Store in cool dry conditions between + 5'C and 25'C

  • When replacing empty foam can with a full one, always clean the threaded adapter ring on the gun with GUN FOAM CLEANER
  • Only stop discharging the cleaner when the solution being ejected from the gun is completely clear

  • Limitations

    Will only clean uncured foam
  • Pull the trigger on the gun to release the solvent into the gun barrel and discharge the solvent into a suitable container for disposal
  • The information detailed in the present technical data sheet is given by way of indication and is not exhaustive

  • When using DIY grades, attach free red nozzle to foam cleaner and squirt
    Foam down plastic nozzle until clean
  • Before using the product, the user should carry out any necessary tests in order to ensure that the product is suitable for the intended application
  • The same applies to any information provided verbally by telephone to any prospective or existing customer.

  • Cleaning spilt PU foam from surrounding areas
  • When you have read the usage/safety instructions on the can, attach GUN FOAM CLEANER to your gun by screwing the canister onto the gun adapter until it will go no further, taking care not to cross thread or over tighten the canister
  • This will cure the foam instantly and leave the gun useless
  • Our guarantee applies within the context of the statutory regulations and provisions in force, current professional standards and in accordance with the stipulations set out in our general sales conditions

  • Enables expensive guns to be reused time after time

  • Surface Preparation
    When cleaning spilt/excess foam, ensure surrounding areas are protected with impervious masking tape to prevent attack by the solvents in this product
  • Check compatibility with surfaces in question before use

  • Never dismantle a gun

  • If foam in a gun is allowed to cure, the gun will become completely useless, as no solvent will dissolve PU Foam once cured
  • If left for longer, there is a serious risk of the foam curing from the nozzle inwards or propellant leaking out

  • Application
    The following are recommended tips for cleaning foam in all common situations

  • When you have finished using foam on a project, and do not intend to use the gun again within 7 days, remove the foam can (CARE - GLOVES/GOGGLES)
  • The following guidelines are given to avoid unnecessary cost of replacement
  • Product Description
    EVERFLEX PU FOAM CLEANER is an aerosol product containing a solvent for cleaning all uncured PU foams

  • Areas for Use

    Cleaning Pu foams from guns and nozzles

  • Cured foam must be removed mechanically

  • The following directions will also help prolong the life of your Gun

  • Use Foam cleaner to clean up spilled foam immediately

  • Gun foam may be left attached to a gun for a maximum of 7 days after use
  • Leave for a further 5 minutes and repeat this process 2 or 3 times until the gun is completely clear

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