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Everbuild Fix & Grout Tile Adhesive 2.5 Litre

Product Description

  • The product contains a fungicide to prevent mould growth and dries to a brilliant white finish.
    Tested to EN12004 type D2T.

    - Excellent water resistance
    - Extremely high bond strength - over double the B

  • Everbuild Fix & Grout Tile Adhesive is a premium grade adhesive, which has been formulated to be used as both an adhesive and grout

  • Apply straight from the tub
    - Easier to apply than most competitive adhesives
    - Extended open time

    - Kitchen/Bathroom walls
    - Shower areas
    - Communal and power showers
    - Work tops subject to water contact

    2.5 Litre

  • minimum requirement in wet shear (7 days drying, 7 days water immersion followed for slight thermal movement
    - Dries brilliant white
    - Contains a fungicide - prevents mould growth
    - Ready mixed formula - no mixing, no mess
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