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Everbuild Non Slip Tile Adhesive 10 Litre 16kg

Product Description

  • The product is a blend of limestone fillers, clays and acrylic polymers with minor additives.

    - Ready mixed formula - no missing, no mess

  • Everbuild Super Plus non-slip tile adhesive is a ready mixed buff adhesive paste for securing ceramic wall tiles and mosaics to most interior wall surfaces

  • Apply straight from the tub.
    - Easier to apply than most competitive adhesives
    - Acrylic based - Excellent non-slip characteristics - no movement on a 300 x 200 standard large format wall tile
    - Extended open time
    - Extremely high bond strength - nearly 3 x the British Standard minimum requirement.

    Areas for use
    - Kitchen/Bathroom walls
    - Shower areas when used in conjunction with Everbuild Powdered Wall Tile Grout

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