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Existenz On The Ruins Of Chaos Board Game


Product Description

  • The game is played by two or more people, each controlling a life base: your faction’s floating bastion of power
  • He recognized the accent
  • Existenz: On the Ruins of Chaos is a strategy card game in which epic battles are fought on a game board
  • A member of the Pirate Confederacy, probably one of the recent diplomatic visitors to the city of Arnunnia
  • However, you will suffer defeat if you run out of cards, so make sure you either defeat your opponents or reach the victory point before that happens.

    “Who goes there”, Pirken cried out
  • “We mean you no harm librarian, but merely wish an answer to an honest wager!” Pirken sighed
  • Play your cards in order to gather resources, summon powerful allies, and cast dangerous fluxes or catalysts
  • The response was a loud rambunctious laughter accompanied by a strong smell of stale wine
  • The dire threat of the Primordial war had brought all factions together.”

    Where do I go from here?

    Choose a faction: from four different faction decks, each representing a different playing style.
    Know your pieces: Your playing pieces represent the product of powerful rituals and incantations.
    Use the board: The game board offers a map of your adventures within the ExistenZ gaming universe.
    Read the story: Explore the different exciting aspects of the X610Z universe.

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