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Extra Virgin Organic Raw Fair Trade Coconut Oil - 300ml

  • The basic principal of raw foods is those that are unprocessed and uncooked to maintain maximum nutritional value and benefit to the body
  • Extra Virgin Organic Raw Fair Trade Coconut Oil


Product Description

  • If it does, the oil cannot be classified as raw
  • It pretty much does what it says on the tin and involves eating uncooked and living foods
  • Raw foodies swear by products that are free from chemicals and unprocessed, such as our own Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.

    As health food lovers yourselves, we’re sure that you already know what’s in the raw food diet
  • A raw foodie’s staples traditionally include plenty of plant-based, organic foods, such as:

    All fruit and vegetables
    Sea vegetables
    Nuts and seeds
    Sprouted beans, pulses and legumes
    Sprouted grains (such as quinoa, buckwheat and chia)
    Roots and root vegetables
    Fresh herbs and raw spices
    Coconut milk
    Some followers also include non-vegan foods such as raw eggs, meat (steak tartar, for example) and fish (such as sashimi)
  • With our Solomon Islands coconut oil, the dried coconut kernel is loaded onto the stainless steel cylinder of a manual press, where the oil is extracted.

    Next the oil is filtered to remove any sediment and the result is clear, raw coconut oil.
    Why Lucy Bee Is Raw

    Our Lucy Bee Raw Coconut Oil is about as natural as you can possibly buy
  • Water is used to cool the machine during this process, again to ensure the temperature does not go above the permitted 45C / 113F
  • The only things you’ll get when you eat our raw oil is plenty of vital nutrients and vitamins.

    Coconut Oil and Raw Diets

    One of the most popular new diets on the block is the raw food lifestyle
  • In other words, you eat in the way nature intended
  • Food on the diet remains uncooked (or at least it cannot be heated above 113 degrees) and organic wherever possible
  • But, just incase you don’t, here’s the Lucy Bee lowdown:

    Raw Coconut Oil - Image 2

    What Is It?

    A raw diet involves eating food in a fresh, unprocessed form
  • We can guarantee that we’re 100% free from chemicals, pesticides or any other nasties
  • Meanwhile, foods that have undergone a small amount of processing are also popular
  • We use the best quality, unrefined, extra virgin, organic, coconut oil known to man: we don’t like to boast but, quite simply, we’re the best.

    You see, since we are completely organic, you can be sure that when you’re consuming Lucy Bee, you’re only eating pure, honest goodness
  • These foods include:

    Cold pressed oils (including our own coconut oil)
    Nut butters
    Nut milks
    Pure maple syrup
    Dried fruits and vegetables
    Raw cacao and chocolate
    Raw food preparation usually involves a blender, food processor, juicer or dehydrator.
  • With regard to raw coconut oil, during extraction of the oil, the temperature cannot go above 45C / 113F
  • Due to the law of physics, heat will be generated when friction occurs and in raw coconut oil production, this heat has to be controlled.

    Our coconut oil is raw, as well as organic and extra virgin.

    The oil is produced from fresh, matured, raw coconut kernel, otherwise known as the white meat or flesh, which is ground or milled then dried under controlled temperatures.

    With our coconut oil from the Philippines, the dried kernel then passes through a cold press expeller and the oil is extracted from the flesh

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