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Eylure Duo Kit Lengthening 118 Love It

  • If you love the cool and fluffy style of the 114 lengthening lash why not try the pretty ark tipped 118 lash? This Love it, Try it kit has been designed to encourage you to try other lashes within the Lengthening category
  • Eylure Duo Kit Lengthening 118 Love It


Product Description

  • Ultra lightweight feel.
  • Our lashes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes


1) Lift the lashes from the tray with tweezers, applicator or your fingers (if they are glued across the lash, then ease them away from the half-moon using your thumbs in a downward motion, please do not pick off from the ends.
2) Measure against your eye and if they are too long then, using sharp nail scissors, snip off a small section at a time until they are perfect.
3) Apply a thin line of the Eylure Lashfix glue to the lash band. Wait about 20-30 seconds until it becomes tacky before applying (this is where most applications can go awry).
4) Apply with tweezers, applicator or your fingers (whichever feels natural to you). We believe a tweezers/applicator will give you a more precise placement. Place from the middle of the eye first then adjust the edges so they follow your natural lash line. Press and hold for a few seconds. If you make a mistake, simply remove from the eye, take off the dried glue, reapply and go again.

TO REUSE: Remove used glue with fingers or tweezers from the lash band and then store back on tray.

Hold lash at outside edge and gently peel off - it won't hurt.
Always remove them before you go to sleep.

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