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Eylure Eyebrow Stencils - 1 pack

  • Create fabulous brows without errors. Quick and easy to use.

Product Description

Ever wanted eyebrows like your favourite celebrity? Want to remove the possibility of unevenness or errors? Then these stencils are made for you! Perfectly arched eyebrows without the guesswork.

Four styles - 12 applications.


First, take the eyebrow shaper section and put in place, then tweeze around the shape until satisfied. Using remains of the stencil, place over newly tweezed brow and shade where necessary to create the perfect finish.

Tip: Hold the stencils against your face before you pick the preferred shape. This way you can see which suits you the best!


From a background on stage and screen, the Eylure brand has been at the forefront of eye enhancement for over 60 years. We have expanded our range over time to offer everyone the very best tricks of the beauty trade.
Legendary eyelash brand, Eylure, has created the perfect recipe for success during its 60-year history in the beauty business: a large dash of creativity from its make-up artist founders (and brothers) David and Eric Aylott mixed with a generous dose of Hollywood sparkle.
David and Eric Aylott both served in the RAF during the Second World War, but resumed their careers as make-up artists in 1946. The Aylotts set up their own business, developing techniques that would hold them in good stead when they went to Hollywood.
During this period, the brothers perfected their eyelashes and worked with a number of Hollywood's greatest actresses such as Marlene Dietrich, Joan Collins, Joan Fontaine, Ingrid Bergman, Deborah Kerr, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor.
Skilled in the art of preparing wigs, beards, moustaches and eyelashes, the pair worked on several Hollywood blockbusters including: Alexander The Great, No Highway, Island in the Sun, Anastasia, The Journey, The Millionairess and Cleopatra.
By 1947, their eyelashes were in such strong demand that they set up Eylure's first outlet in London's theatre district with a shop next to the Warner Theatre in Leicester Square. While usage in the 1940s and 1950s was predominantly in the showbusiness world, by the 1960s, Eylure lashes hit the mainstream - enabling ordinary women to recreate the groundbreaking looks designed by Mary Quant.
By now, Eylure's fame had spread to such an extent that sponsorship of the Miss England competition was followed by the opening of the Eylure shop in London's über-glam Grosvenor Street.
In 1991, Eylure became part of Original Additions and was immediately snapped up by a host of fashion-conscious A-list celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Lisa Kudrow, Minnie Driver, Kylie Minogue and Victoria Beckham. They are also regularly used by make-up artists on popular soap, EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing.

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