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Eylure Individual Lashes Mini Pack (knot free)

  • Eylure Eylure Individual Lashes Mini Pack (knot free).The Individual lashes mini/trial pack is a great way to try individual lashes for the first time.Pack contains 8 flares of all 3 - short, medium and long - length lashes.


Product Description

  • All flares come in our 'knot-free' design, that will give a natural finish whether worn just at the corners of the eye or for extended lashes all over.
    This kit contains glue, the lashes can easily be removed with remover or by applying baby oil, however the latter takes slightly longer


For external use only. Keep away from children. Flammable. Keep away from heat and flame. Use in a well ventilated area.



1) Clean lashes and eyelids to ensure they are oil free.
2) Pour a few drops of Superfix Lash adhesive onto a piece of aluminium foil.
3) Use the short pieces for your inner eyelashes, medium for centre lashes and long for the outer corner lashes.
4) Choose a lash and remove from the tray with tweezers. Dip the knotted end of the lash into the adhesive.
5) Start with the left eye, using your right hand place the lash on top of your own lash with the root end close to but not touching your eyelid.
6) Gradually work towards the outer corner. In general you will apply between 7 and 14 lashes per eye.
7) Note: Never try and pull Lash Extend lashes off once Superfix has set (takes 5-10 seconds to set).


Remove easily either with baby oil or with Liftoff remover.
Apply to a disposable cosmetic bud and dab onto the bulb of the individual lash until the lash flare loosens and falls away

About Brand

Eylure's 60 years of beauty heritage brings to you the very best beauty tricks of the trade. From fabulous strip lashes in a multitude of styles, to semi permanent lash extensions there is a lash solution for everyone. Additionally Eylure offers gorgeously shaped brows and enough fashion aid products to prevent even the mildest wardrobe malfunction! Eylure is the home of exciting celebrity partnerships with Girls Aloud lashes by Eylure and the most recent launch, lashes inspired by Sex and the City.

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