Eylure Miss Eylure Emily

  • Fabulously full lashes!
  • Exquisitely elegant lashes

Product Description

  • She firmly thinks that a minute spent standing still is a moment wasted
  • Pre-glued lashes for zero fuss application
  • Ultra light & easy to wear lashes
  • Stunningly individual lashes for the beauty savvy.
  • Reusable
    It's all about personality in your beauty regime at Miss Eylure
  • She wants her lashes to keep up with her - wherever she is!
    Miss Eylure
  • Emily wants to travel - everywhere and anywhere


Eylure have been making lashes for 60 years so we make the best, beautifully designed and handmade - plus a style for every possible occasion.

About Brand

Eylure's 60 years of beauty heritage brings to you the very best beauty tricks of the trade. From fabulous strip lashes in a multitude of styles, to semi permanent lash extensions there is a lash solution for everyone. Additionally Eylure offers gorgeously shaped brows and enough fashion aid products to prevent even the mildest wardrobe malfunction! Eylure is the home of exciting celebrity partnerships with Girls Aloud lashes by Eylure and the most recent launch, lashes inspired by Sex and the City.

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Original Additions (Beauty Products) Ltd









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